I’m not much of a reader and I have a terrible habit of reading more than half of a book but not getting around to finishing it. But I find there’s nothing like a good book to stoke the fires of my most romantic notions. I worked through Jack Kerouac’s On The Road while travelling in the USA and it made me want to take on bigger adventures, go deeper, experience more.

More recently, I read Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. I already knew a little bit about the life of Chris McCandless. His story is fascinating but it wasn’t the dramatic and emotional tale that really got to me while reading the book, nor was it the epic adventures that he undertook (though they were awe-inspiring). It was that I felt I understood and could relate to the motivation behind his final tragic adventure.

I travel because I am curious to see the world. I travel for the novelty of new places. In my mind, I have a special fondness for wild places where humans haven’t overthrown their environment. But more and more, I long for an expedition, an epic journey, an adventure of travel.

I live a relatively normal life, I couldn’t cope in an Alaskan wilderness but that doesn’t stop me dreaming of living closer to nature. I can be wooed by modern luxuries, it would be difficult to lure me into a life on the road. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. Chris McCandless did the things I try to imagine. But in the meantime I’ve been entertaining myself with foreign holidays and a few mini-adventures. I’m hoping to keep a record of them here and I’d love to read your comments.


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